Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11 things

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.

My photo: 

11 Random Things:

1. I'm getting very addicted to Twitter

2. Creative Estates is in ONE WEEK! I swear it is all I can think about. 

3. I am joining forces with Arabellas Beauty From Nature and becoming her partner. More on that to come.

4. Gauge is turning into such a little man. He has quite the aditude.
5. I am on a smoothie kick. Nothing exciting. Just frozen berries, a banana, some o.j., and yogurt.

6. I have photography class tomorrow and have not had anytime to take photos for homework. booo!

7. This past week I have been feeling very uninspired

8. I ordered Poactiv because me face has been breaking out sooooooo bad. I hope it works

9. Today is a leap year day. When I was preggers with Brad I thought he would be born today because my due date was the 25th. I had him the 20th.

10. I had no urge to cook dinner tonight. I ordered pizza.

11. Either Jason is watching VicTorious or he fell asleep on the couch. haha.

Here's what Dana asked: 

1 - Do you ever wish on things?
When I blow on a dandelion

2 - Would you shave your head for $10,000?
Hellz No. Been there done that for free and wouldn't ever ever do it again.

3 -  What is one mistake you've made that you wish you could go back and try again?
Dropping out of high school. 

4 -  Jeans or leggings?
Jeans straight up. Leggings look like p.j.s

5 -  Have you ever spit on someone?
uhhh, no.

6 - What's the first thing you do when you wake up and get out of bed?
Get the baby out of his crib. I wake up to crying every morning. Then its on to the coffee

7 - When was your first kiss?
In between 8th and 9th grade

8 - Have you ever done anything illegal?
SHhhhhhh yeah

9 - If they could breed magical animals, what kind would you have?
haha, I would have a tiny flying fire breathing dragon.

10 - Have you ever read someone Else's diary?

11 - If you could get rid of one thing in the entire world, what would you get rid of?
Fat! I would not want there to be any fat on anyone... starting with me. 

11 New Questions:

1- If you could go anywhere in the morning where would you go?
2- What is your favorite memory
3- Where do you go for inspiration
4-What kind of kid were you in high school
5- If you could have ONE super power what would it be.
6- Facebook or Twitter
7- Would you ever get a tattoo? If you have one what is it?
8- What are you most looking forward to
9- Have you ever been to jail
10- What kind of car do you drive
11- What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought your self

I am to sleepy to tag 11 people so I would love for all of you to do this. If you do leave me a link I would love to read it.

Oh yeah don't forget to shop my closet over HERE

Shop my closet!

I have decide to go though my closet and offer you first dibs on the items that have really never been worn

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A day in cell phone pics

Today I got to see my sister Kristin! Exciting for me cause she lives on the other side of the country. Even better is my sister Amy and I drove to pick her up in Orlando. Driving the hour south is not so exciting but going to the mall at millenia is!! You know it's kinda like going to heaven but not.
First of all there is a Cheesecake Factory there, not to mention a Urban Outfitters and every other awesome store you could ever want to go to. 

After a little window shopping and the best lunch EVER at the Cheesecake Factory, us three sisters and my little baby loaded up and drove back to Ocala.

I had an errand to run in town and I saw a Mc.Donalds and had to do a u-turn to get a little Shamrock in my system

Time  at my sister Amy's house was full of great family time and catching up with Kris. I'm kinda sad I missed dinner but when the baby is ready for bed he will let it be known!

I miss her all ready. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm on Twitter!

Oh yeah baby I'm a Tweeter  {Dirty sounding... Maybe!}
It took me long enough right?! But, I am now obsessed and I would love for
 you to follow me there.

I don't have a clue why it took me so long but I'm sure glad I signed up! 

Let me know your Twitter name so I can stalk you to   :)

Sunday morning love

When I find a great product I want the whole world to know about it.
 I may be the last one to know about Essie nail polish because of my lack of finger nails but 2 weeks ago I decided that it was time to stop biting them. 

I read on some ones blog about a new color that she bought from Essie and how she loved it. Well I was looking at Target for some nail polish when I saw Essie and decided that I would give it a try.

essie Nail Color - Turquoise & Caicos.Opens in a new window

After picking out a color called "Turquoise and Caicos" I went to town painted my awfully stubby finger nails. Over a week later I have yet to bite them and the paint has yet to chip. 

Can you say auh-may-zing?!?!

Just wanted you guys to know how great this stuff is! 

Want to win a 15.00$ store credit to my shop? Go HERE

Happy Sunday loves

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pass It Forward

Today is the big day.... Time for me and a whole lot of other bloggers to help Ashley spread the news of a new Shine Project.


I'm so thrilled to be a part of this. 

It's called Pass It Forward. It is designed to get YOU to do good for others. Here is how it works

-You get a card 
-You do something good for someone else... big or small
-You give them the Pass It Forward card
-They go online to and enter the # on the card and how they got it. 

Then you are able to track the card from where it started and where it is going. How amazing right?! 

Ashley is seriously changing life's on a daily basis and wants everyone involved. So today you will see posts like this all over the blog world because we all have known about the project for a few days and will be starting with the first cards when they arrive in the mail in the next few days. 
I can't wait to get one of these bad boys and spread some kindness and share it with you.

You will also get a card if you buy something from the Shine Shop or you will be able to buy a stack for a few small amount since all money goes towards the Shine Scholarship Fund.

What will you do when you get a Pass It Forward card????

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spread the LOVE Facebook hop

The time is here! Today begins the Share The Love Facebook Hop!!

Your hosts for this great event will be
Katie from Party Of Four
Stephanie from Rice & Relaxing
Cerrisse from The Posh Daisy
Ashley from Chickadette

Please read these rules before linking up.

1. Please "like" all 6 of your party hosts. 
2. Link up your business and/or shop Facebook pages.
3. Be sure to "like" other pages on your personal facebook page 
4. Leave a comment letting your new friends where you came from

If we find out that you are now following the rules you will be removed. So don't be a party pooper and HAVE FUN!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Things Going On


I want you guys to get ready for 2 things I have going on the next two days.

What 2 things you ask? Well tomorrow I have put together a facebook hop and linky party with 5 other amazing girls.

Stephanie from Rice & Relaxing
Cerrisse from The Posh Daisy
Ashley from Chickadette

This will be a link up for anyone with a Facebook fan page. You do not need a blog to link up with us. It can just be your shops fan page. 

More details on this tomorrow when the linky goes live. 


And Friday is going to be so great. I have teamed up with Ashley from The Shine Project to let you guys know about her TOP SECRET project. Its going to change life's! 

So be sure that you come back by tomorrow when the fun begins and on Friday! {eeeee! can't wait!}

Monday, February 20, 2012


Thank you all so much for entering the Rice & Relaxing giveaway!

I hope you continue to "like" her because I know from experience that her stuff is auh-may-zing!

So I won't keep ya waiting anymore the winner is 

with the comment
                                                          25. Sue said...

                                                  & I like you on Facebook

Congrats chicky! You have 48 hours to claim your prize! Email me.

**Happy Birthday Bradley**

Today 8 years ago at 6.23p.m. I had my first baby. A little bundle of joy named Bradley. 
Bradley Michael Iver to be exact.

I had no idea what I was doing. I was 19 when He came into this world and we went though 
so much together. 
I doubt he will ever know how much I love him! 

So I want to take a minute to tell him how much I love him and adore all the things that make him...well him!

Like how he eats as slow as molasses on a winter morning.
How he loves his little brother and lets him beat on him.
Loves Guy Harvey shirts
Wants to ride his four wheeler all day in circles around our yard. 
Can't make a normal face in pictures
Any time I ask what he wants for dinner he says "Chicken nuggets"
How he is such a help
Wants to do anything Jason is doing
Will not untie his shoes to put them on
Would probably wear camo every day if had enough to
How great he is doing in school

I'm sure the list can go on and on but I guess I need to stop somewhere. 

~**Happy 8th Birthday Bradley!!**~

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Day

A whole day spent with Bradley

Lunch at Cody's Roadhouse with Memaw

Video games at the arcade

Mochi frozen yogurt with a ridiculous amount of toppings 

Lego buying at Target

These days are so few and far-in-between that I get to just be with him.
Now my little man turns 8 on Monday.
 He is growing way to fast.

I Love You Brad!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lets be friends

If we were friends in real life....

I would call you in the morning just after I put the baby {ummm toddler?!} down for a nap and ask you if you wanted to go to lunch. Because going out to lunch is the only escape out of this house I have.

I would ask you if you wanted to go to Panera because I love their Thai chicken salad, but if you said you wanted to go some where else I would order a cheese burger and fries along side a unsweet tea.

I would tell you all about my photography class and how I love that I am able to get out of the house and do something for me... and something to do with school is even better since you would all ready know how much I hated school and left high school when I was almost 16.

We could talk about all the drama on facebook and how much I love blogging. How I posted a picture on my personal page the picture from my WIW post and everyone said I looked like a hippy but You would get it because you would know how everyone in the bloggy world wears a headband! {even though I thought it was funny}

I would tell you how Jason {the hubs} told me last night that I have changed since I started blogging. He said "It made my hair 'prettier'" and I laughed because it's totally true. I have been trying a little harder to look better because I never know when I will take a picture and post it online for the whole
world to see.

After we got done with our lunch Gauge would be getting cranky so I would ask if you wanted to go to my house so he can play.

On the ride home we could talk about Gauge and how he can't sit still and loves to climb.

I would ask you for some fashion tips and if you would help me with the scarfs I borrowed from my sister because I have no idea how to wear them.

I would also do some complaining and gossiping.

Then I would listen to all of your problems and help you solve them. I would ask how your kids are and if you wanted a cherry soda.

I would want to know how your hubs job is and if you were having more kids... cause lord knows I can't handle any more!

We could discuss my niece turning one the other day and how I'm worried about my brother.

Not to mention how I worry about everyone.

I would invite you this Sunday over to my mother-in-laws for a birthday party for my older son Bradley who is turning 8!!! Then I would go on about how ridiculous that is because I swear I am still 22 years old and there is no way that I have a child that old. And we would look back on when I got pregnant 18 and how I was doomed to be a single mom and how I know what would happen to his dad but I was going to have that baby and take care of him.  We could talk all day how proud of him I am and how great his grades in school are and how he loves he new pocket knife. I could go on and on. {proud momma here}

Now that it is almost 2:00 I would need to say good bye so I could pick him up from school

we would hug and then probably call each other once in the car because that little visit just wasn't long enough.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 hair products I heart

Aside from my kids and the rest of my family there are a few things that I love
 and would rather not live with out. That is beauty products! I am such a drug store junkie, I love things that cost under 10 dollars! My hair is what I really love to play with so today I want to share the 5 hair products I must have right now.

Product view

Chi Flat Iron
I absolutely would have the craziest hair if it wasn't for this bad boy. I have also learned to use it as a curler! I plan on making a tutorial for that soon.

Organix Moroccan Oil
This stuff makes my hair so silky smooth without it being all nasty and even better
 I bought it at Target for under 10$. 

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin – Brunette.Opens in a new window

Goody Spin Pin
I know what your thinking.... that those things look like a torture device. Well those things are the best thing to hold a bun. They say on the package that they are great for a messy bun, and I love messy buns so I bought them. Well they hold a bun great for me but I have yet to figure out how to do it messy style. I like to pull my hair back without leaving kinks and lines in it after I flat iron it.

Sauve Dry Shampoo
I bought this stuff last week and OMG its so great! It smells so good and it only
 cost under 4 dollars!

Garnier  Wonder Waves
and last but not least I am on a kick with making my hair wavy with my flat iron now that I know how and after using this stuff my hair actually holds the wave. With as much hair as I have that is saying a lot. I could never get my hair to stay curly with out bunches oh crispy hair spray in it.

Next time your at the drug store and pick up any of these things lemme know what you think and I hope this little list helps you with your buying process.

Good tunes Good times

Remember when I told you guys that I loved Foster The People? Well I was just going though my phone and came across the pictures from the concert that I went to with 2 of my girlfriends and wanted to share them with you guys. It was one of the best nights ever!

They are pretty wonky looking because my phone is a piece of poo. But maybe you can tell from they way they look, or maybe its the fact that this was the first time that I was able to leave the baby since having him for a night and have some big girl drinks. {i'm thinking the second one.}

This was  If you like them and are thinking about seeing them
you won't regret it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pretty in pink

<3 Happy Valentine's Day!! <3

I hope every one is getting some quality time with loved ones today and eating lots of chocolates!!
{I know I am!}

My hub's and I are not the most romantic of all couples so we rarely ever go out or anything 
for holidays but before I sent my husband off to work I gave him his card I bought from Julie Ann Art and he loved it so much that he said "I'm taking this to work, I gotta show the guys!" If you would like to see the card I picked out you can do that HERE.   {it's pretty awesome right?!?!}

I spent the day with my sister Amy and my little boys shopping and eating and it was great! 

I also want to let YOU guys know how much I love you!! I appreciate every single comment and email I get and I am so happy to have such great new friends and followers. I couldn't be any luckier! So, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. {muah!} I love ya.

And if you weren't up early this morning then you may have missed the big 'ol blog hop that I am co hosting with a few popular girls! Go link up your blog and join in on all the fun.
check it out HERE

AAAAAAnd there is still a few days left to enter the Rice & Relaxing GIVEAWAY

Necklace  The Shine Project
Shirt  Old Navy
Capri's  A.E.
Flip Flops  Reefs

pleated poppy

Linky Followers Fest


 Welcome to The Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop!

Let's meet the lovely ladies who host this Hop:

Katie @ Party of Four 

What  is a “Blog Hop?”
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The rules of the hop are:
Follow your hosts
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The hosts are the first 7 blogs linked up in capital letters in the linky section.

Please follow a few others in the hop and leave them a comment saying you came from the Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop.  You never know what new friends you will come across and meet. 
Thanks for joining us and we hope you have a great time!

You can grab a button if you wish to the help us spread the word!

And since your here... don't forget this weeks
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