about me


         Here is a little random info about myself.

Born in Deerfield Beach Florida in a house
I am 27 years old
I'm tall... 5'8
my husband is way taller ;)
Married Sep. 12, 2009
Momma of 2 boys. Bradley and Gauge
I blog just for something to do
I have a huge family {mostly girls}
I am the baby in the family
Favorite thing to do is sit in the sun and have "mommy time"
I don't really like anything in my closet right now
I will never wear heels
I live in flip-flops {mostly Roxy's}
I did Drywall for a living for 10 years, during both pregnancies.
I want more kids but probably will never have more.
I like to drive big s.u.v's
I think wine is overrated but love some champagne
I basically raised my older boy by myself
would love to have everything from Target and Peir One
I am SUPER forgetful
I am a Twilight freak! {Team Edward}
I love to fish... Don't like to eat it
on that note I don't like most seafood
I am most happy on the ocean and some how am living in the middle of the state
I hate to wash my hair
I met my husband 10 years ago because of my job.... but really couldn't stand him at first ;)
Everyone here drinks sweet tea... ugh... I love unsweet
Growing up I only ordered chicken fingers
I still order it, only at Chilli's
Love lunches with my sister we go every couple of days
I wear Christmas jammies all year
The glass is half full
Back to the flip flops, If it says Roxy on it I want it... if only I could afford it all
I have a staying focused problem
Would kill to live where there are actually seasons... not just summer and winter
I want to eat out at every meal... just to get out of the house.
Wish I could cook better
In high school I watched the movies Empire Records and Dazed and Confused like a million times
Rarely drink soda, but if I do I want it in a can
I have a hunting licence
And a saltwater fishing licence
Wish all my family was in one spot
I love flavored creamer in my coffee
I am happy when it rains but terrified that a tornado will plow my house down
{I am sure there is more... I will add later}
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