Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm doing the Whole 30 Challenge!


You may have noticed that I haven't wrote a post in about two months so you may be wondering where the heck I have been.

First things first.
Do you remember THIS post?
How about THIS one?

Well I think it is safe to say the I have officially drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid. I go at least 5 times a week and I think about it all the time. If you have no idea what Crossfit is you should YouTube some videos.

But really.... What good is working out if you are not eating right? After some research on Crossfit I found the Paleo Diet. Though Its not really a "diet" but more of a "lifestyle" I decided to give it a go and try to make most of the food or drinks that go into my body Paleo approved. Since I started Crossfit and Paleo I have lost 10 pounds and have muscles in places I have never had any before. I feel great.
But then I came across a 30 day challenge based around the Paleo Diet that I wanted to do and see how much can change in a month. A great friend of mine is joining me on this journey and we will use our blogs to share how it is going.

It starts today!

I eat real food – fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit.  I choose foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition.  And food quality is important – I’m careful about where my meat, seafood and eggs come from, and buy organic local produce as often as possible.
This is not a “diet” – I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy, activity levels and a healthy body weight.  I aim for well-balanced nutrition, so I eat both animals and a significant amount of plants.  I’m not lacking carbohydrates – I just get them from vegetables and fruits instead of bread, cereal or pasta.  And my meals are probably higher in fat than you’d imagine, but fat is a healthy source of energy when it comes from high-quality foods like avocado, coconut and grass-fed beef.
Eating like this is ideal for maintaining a healthy metabolism and reducing inflammation within the body.  It’s good for body composition, energy levels, sleep quality, mental attitude and quality of life.  It helps eliminate sugar cravings and reestablishes a healthy relationship with food.  It also works to minimize your risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and autoimmune.

I hope you get a chance to go to The Whole30 Program and read more about how my next month will be. Maybe you are ready for a change, more energy, more weight loss?! I would love to hear what you think about it!

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