Friday, December 30, 2011

101 reasons why I am going to be bald...

So I don't think I'm actually going to be said "bald", but by the end of the 
day I sure do feel like tearing every little hair out of my head.

Good look for me? I think not.

Being a stay at home mom is driving me crazy!
I swear I am like 10 people all rolled up in one. 

House keeper {check}
Nanny {check} 
Taxi driver {check}
Chef {I wish! but check anyway}
Dry Cleaner {check}
Maintenance Man {check}

You get my point right? I feel like I am the only one that does anything around here all with a baby on my hip. I say baby but sheesh my "baby" who is really a toddler is almost 30 pounds and as tall as a teenager! {OK a little much}.

He wants his mommy 24/7 and I get that  because I am a awesome mom but 
It makes for a really long day. My mornings that used to be like 
are now a little different. No more sitting on the 
floor playing for hours because he can now climb. So I switch couches just 
trying to keep him from getting hurt.
He's like a mountain goat all he wants to do is climb.

I have taken all my dining room chairs and put them into the kitchen so he wont get on them 
and there is not one thing on one table that he can swipe off.

....Some times I think to my self... and if I'm really over it I will tell Jason, That this Momma is ready to go back to a real job. One that pays me, one that at the end of the day I won't be so stressed out that I would like to rip the hair right out of my scalp. 

Then I think about paying for day care and some one else watching MY "baby" and think I'm not sure if I am ready for all that. 

Please dear God let this next year be a little bit easier!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a look back at the kids in 2011

Ready for a picture over load?!?! Here is the boys though the past year!

{Pay no attention to dates on the corners... Brad likes to change settings on every thing}

{that plane ride almost gave me a heart attack!}

Cant wait to watch these kids grow in 2012!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4 step every day eye makeup

Here is a quick tutorial on how I do my eye makeup every day. At the moment I am into shades of purple but this can work for any color.

and for tips I use eye shadow with a thin brush that is wet to make eye liner!

...and yes I use the sponge-y thing that comes with eye shadow! I feel like if i smash it on there it will stay better! {haha} 
Hope you enjoy! How do you apply eye makeup?!

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The 36th Avenue

Monday, December 26, 2011

Full House on Christmas

Gauge woke up at 6:00am yesterday and I wanted to wait for my mom to get here at 7:00 so we played up stairs for a bit, jumped on Bradley to wake him up and then when my mom got here we got to open up our stockings and gifts. 

here is a short list of favorite gifts
-I got a JoTotes Camera bag from Jason and a new "hat" from Santa
-Jason got camo coveralls from me and a new wallet from Santa
-Bradley got a Super Mario brothers video game from Santa and Jason got him a REAL GUN! {AHHH!}
-Gauge got a 4-wheeler from Santa 
-Both of the boys got giant fish pillows from Santa

Now that I am married with kids Christmas is not what it used to be. I loved spending Christmas morning at my moms house with my sisters and brother but now it seems my house is the place to be! Everyone came over yesterday morning for a big breakfast and to do our gift exchange. We had scrambled eggs and hash brown casserole along with Mimosas! {yes we drink om Christmas morning... I'm not ashamed!} 

Now I have the tiniest house so fitting 10 adults and 5 kids in it is a little crazy but I love it.  

{honey baked ham!!}

I should have gotten a picture of the mess but the O.C.D. in me didn't let it hang out long enough. But here is Gauge after everyone left.

That was just some of Christmas. We are so thankful to have such an amazing family. I hope everyone else had a fabulous Christmas like we did. 

I would love for you to share with me what your favorite gift was.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I shared THIS post with you a while back but tonight I made our family's famous "Christmas Cake" so I wanted to share it again because there is still plenty of time for a trip to the store and more baking. {there is always time for baking!!}

*WARNING* This is fattening and addictive!!

What you will need is
-Gram Crackers {a box but if you find them all ready in crumbs you should buy that}
-A can of sweetened condensed milk
-1 lbs bag of chopped pecans
-1lbs raisins 
-1 jar of cherries
-1 big bag of shredded coconut

All these items come in about 14 to 16 oz size containers. It does not need to be exact. 

 If your gram crackers are not in crumbs all ready go ahead and smush them. I tried this in a food processor and blender but had the best luck leaving them in them the plastic and just pounding them! If you have better appliances then I do them try that, but my stuff is cheep!

And If your pecans are whole chop them up in a food processor.

Slice cherries in half {save the juice}

Get a big mixing bowl and put all the ingredients together and mix them up really good. This is the part when you use your hands and squeeze them all together. If it is not sticky enough add a small amount of cherry juice. {I forgot the raisins}

Get whatever container you want to make your Fruit Cake Christmas Cake in. I find it looks less appetising to people when made into a circle with a hole in it {not sure what that pan is called} so I use a meatloaf dish.

Put a piece of wax paper in the bottom so you can get the stuff out when your all done. Layer the bottom of your dish with your mix. Take a cup, ketchup bottle or whatever else you have handy and pound on it till it is nice and packed down to the bottom. Repeat this till all of your mix is gone. 

If you choose to make 2 cakes just split mix into 2 pans! {I recommend saving one for your self  ::wink::}

Last, place in refrigerator and let cool

When ready to serve to your favorite people flip upside down and remove, slice and ENJOY

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I'm a little more country then that...

Imagine a dirt road full of potholes,
With a creek bank and some cane poles catchin channel cat,
I'm a little more country than that,

Picture a small town,with an old hound,
Layin out front of the courthouse,
While the ol men chew the fat,
I'm a little more country than that,
I just want to make sure you know just who your gettin under this ol hat,
Cause girl I'm not the kind of two time or play games behind your back,
I'm a little more country than that
Think of hank song, with a days gone,
With a steel ride, this old strong that sends chills up your back,
I'm a little more country than that
If you want a brick home in a school zone,
With the doors locked and alarms on,
Girl you're way off track,
I'm a little more country than that
I just want to make sure you know just who your gettin under this ol hat,
Cause girl I'm not the kind of two time or play games behind your back,
I'm a little more country than that
Yea I'm sure that you've heard those three words from others and they fell flat,
But this ring ain't something I mean to give you and then take back,
I'm a little bore country than that

I'm a little more country than that 

                                                      -Easton Corbin

Now when a man like Easton sings a song like that how can you not fall in love? I imagine that is my husband wrote a song to sing to me, this is what it would be.

I love country music. What I love even more are the men that sing country music! There is nothing fake about country and that's probably why I love it so much. What you see is what you get. 

My favorite country man next to my husband is Jason Aldean. 

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Um HELLO! I like my man to look like a MAN!
{Sometimes I think My Jason looks like him!!}

How bout another one!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Want some more eye candy??? I'll just give you a few that I really love.

Luke Bryan
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Eric Church
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

A little Jake Owen
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

And who doesn't love some Blake Shelton?!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

....Apparently I like men that don't shave.  I think I should tell my hubs to grow the 3 day beard! 

{Happy Hump Day!!}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Jason's step dad came over to get Bradley for the next two days and take him to Crystal River to go "Crabbing" tonight and my dad came over and watched Gauge for me. I had a few hours all by myself to do my Christmas shopping. {Because you know I haven't even started!}

This is THE first year in a while that I have been able to go shopping and use my debit card and not really  worry about what I was spending. I'm not saying I blew a bunch of money I'm just saying that I was able to buy for everyone that needed a gift and buy our children what they wanted and a few extra things. {and the sale a A.E. got me! I had to buy my self something! oops}

I am so thankful for my hubby for how hard he works. I know he probably doesn't realize this because I don't talk about "feelings" and get all "sappy" with him but he is so wonderful to me and the boys. He gets up every morning and works his arse of for us. This man has like 10 different jobs. He works for his dad doing drywall when there is drywall to be done. He owns his own lawn service, a pressure cleaning business and he does anything that anyone asks him to do. If it needs to be fixed, built and pays he is all over it. The past month has been exceptionally busy. He even worked last Saturday and he hasn't done that in forever. This busy work schedule could not have come at a better time then right before Christmas. Sunday morning can not get here fast enough! I can't wait to see everyone open the gift I picked out for them! 

I just want to tell him thank you and that I love you for all that you do. 
                                                                                                       -Katie xoxoxo                                             
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