Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy Mornings

Mornings in my house get a little bit crazy. I wake up every morning to Gauge crying down the hall at exactly 6:30 a.m.. And I'm like "Does he have a hidden alarm clock in there I don't know about?"
So I shuffle my way to his room, search for the binky he threw across the room, then pick up binky and him and head down stairs to get coffeeeeeeeeee.

Then I'm like "I have a coffee pot that will make coffee automatically, why don't I set it?"
It's seriously to early to wonder why I do the things I do so I just go ahead and make it.
Then I make little man a warm sippy cup of milk, change him, then drag myself back up the stairs to wake up hubby for work and Brad to school.
Brad thinks he has all the time in the world to eat his breakfast so I'm usually repeating my self till we leave. "Brad eat your breakfast" "Bradley, really dude! Eat your breakfast" "Brad, we are leaving in 5 minutes. Hurry up and eat!"
This is about the time I start thinking,
I should really get up earlier and drink that coffee before I wake everyone else up so I will not be so cranky.
Then I kiss the husband goodbye so he can get off to work, take Bradley to school, then come home to make the baby breakfast and enjoy playing with him.

I have from 8:00-9:15 to lay on the floor in my jammies with Gauge before he wants to take a nap.
So we play, play, and play some more.
It's really a great time. I love to teach him things.
He knows when I say "Where is your belly" he will lift up his shirt! I love it!
I love that he will stick his tongue out now.
I love when I put the blanket over my head he jumps on me and makes the cutest squeal.
I love how he thinks it is funny to stick his binky in my mouth only to take it right back.

Everyone of these mornings are to be cherished. I have learned with Bradley that they grow up to fast. One day my babies will be all grown and I will look back from my rocking chair and think "where did the time go, I wish I had more of those crazy mornings".

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