Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun

When I woke my son Bradley up for school yesterday I told him "Happy Halloween! Let's get ready for school" and he replied "You didn't get a pumpkin" I was like "Opps, I guess I better do that then huh?"
I thought it seemed silly to go buy a pumpkin on Halloween considering it would be heading to my compost pile today but I went ahead and got one to make him happy.
Here's a bonus about buying pumpkins on Halloween. It was half price! The baby and I picked out a big lumpy one. Really, it was the only one that seemed to stay up by itself and wasn't rotten. 
Bradley was very happy when I picked him up from school and told him we were going home to carve a pumpkin. When we got to the house he jumped out of the car and told me "I'll get it!". Before I could tell him not to he opened the back of the car and it rolled out and hit the dirt with a nice big THUMP.
I knew that was going to happen. Thank goodness it wasn't completely destroyed. Beside a big crack it was still carveable. Here some pic's.

I love having kids to dress up and take trick or treating. I guess since I'm to old to do it anymore I can live through them. Brad wanted to be a vampire again so he wore his costume from last year. I chose not to spend the money on one for Gauge and watch him throw and fit cause I'm putting him in some crazy getup. My sister bought him the skeleton shirt and that was good enough for me.


Jennifer said...

Oh I'm so glad you were able to salvage the pumpkin!

Amy Boatright said...

Great pumpkin. Greater kids:)

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