Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I shared THIS post with you a while back but tonight I made our family's famous "Christmas Cake" so I wanted to share it again because there is still plenty of time for a trip to the store and more baking. {there is always time for baking!!}

*WARNING* This is fattening and addictive!!

What you will need is
-Gram Crackers {a box but if you find them all ready in crumbs you should buy that}
-A can of sweetened condensed milk
-1 lbs bag of chopped pecans
-1lbs raisins 
-1 jar of cherries
-1 big bag of shredded coconut

All these items come in about 14 to 16 oz size containers. It does not need to be exact. 

 If your gram crackers are not in crumbs all ready go ahead and smush them. I tried this in a food processor and blender but had the best luck leaving them in them the plastic and just pounding them! If you have better appliances then I do them try that, but my stuff is cheep!

And If your pecans are whole chop them up in a food processor.

Slice cherries in half {save the juice}

Get a big mixing bowl and put all the ingredients together and mix them up really good. This is the part when you use your hands and squeeze them all together. If it is not sticky enough add a small amount of cherry juice. {I forgot the raisins}

Get whatever container you want to make your Fruit Cake Christmas Cake in. I find it looks less appetising to people when made into a circle with a hole in it {not sure what that pan is called} so I use a meatloaf dish.

Put a piece of wax paper in the bottom so you can get the stuff out when your all done. Layer the bottom of your dish with your mix. Take a cup, ketchup bottle or whatever else you have handy and pound on it till it is nice and packed down to the bottom. Repeat this till all of your mix is gone. 

If you choose to make 2 cakes just split mix into 2 pans! {I recommend saving one for your self  ::wink::}

Last, place in refrigerator and let cool

When ready to serve to your favorite people flip upside down and remove, slice and ENJOY

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Amy Boatright said...

Ooooo telling our secrets! Good everyone will love this.It's good when cold with coffee.

arabella said...

I know where you live. You're a gonner! Love, Mom

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I wish I had the talent and/or patience to cook. This sounds delish! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Andrea said...

Hey Katie, you won the giveaway on my blog... Go check it out!! = )

Kristal said...

Love your blog! Looks like a great Christmas!

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