Friday, December 30, 2011

101 reasons why I am going to be bald...

So I don't think I'm actually going to be said "bald", but by the end of the 
day I sure do feel like tearing every little hair out of my head.

Good look for me? I think not.

Being a stay at home mom is driving me crazy!
I swear I am like 10 people all rolled up in one. 

House keeper {check}
Nanny {check} 
Taxi driver {check}
Chef {I wish! but check anyway}
Dry Cleaner {check}
Maintenance Man {check}

You get my point right? I feel like I am the only one that does anything around here all with a baby on my hip. I say baby but sheesh my "baby" who is really a toddler is almost 30 pounds and as tall as a teenager! {OK a little much}.

He wants his mommy 24/7 and I get that  because I am a awesome mom but 
It makes for a really long day. My mornings that used to be like 
are now a little different. No more sitting on the 
floor playing for hours because he can now climb. So I switch couches just 
trying to keep him from getting hurt.
He's like a mountain goat all he wants to do is climb.

I have taken all my dining room chairs and put them into the kitchen so he wont get on them 
and there is not one thing on one table that he can swipe off.

....Some times I think to my self... and if I'm really over it I will tell Jason, That this Momma is ready to go back to a real job. One that pays me, one that at the end of the day I won't be so stressed out that I would like to rip the hair right out of my scalp. 

Then I think about paying for day care and some one else watching MY "baby" and think I'm not sure if I am ready for all that. 

Please dear God let this next year be a little bit easier!


Melissa Risenhoover said...

Girl, I feel ya! Right now my house has exploded and my eye is twitching b/c I'm so stressed. You are not alone. trust me.

Monet said...

I feel the same way !!! I feel like I'm the only one who does everything !!!! I feel like there's never enough time & even a minute to just relax

Mallory said...

I feel like that all the time. I joined a moms group through and that has helped. Of course there are some moms there that I don't really care for but I have made a few good friends from it.

Insomniac Mom said...

You read my mind.

Mary said...

i total agree i sometimes tell Chris if the laundry isnt cleaned its because eveything eles is and that if he wants i would trade him and id go to work. but secterly i know he could never handle it!!! lol

Our Little Bubble said...

love this post.. i feel like i could have wrote it :) very relatable dear! i know that my mornings are no longer mine and won't be for about another 4-5 years, seems like a long time!! here's to finding balance in 2012!!

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