Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good tunes Good times

Remember when I told you guys that I loved Foster The People? Well I was just going though my phone and came across the pictures from the concert that I went to with 2 of my girlfriends and wanted to share them with you guys. It was one of the best nights ever!

They are pretty wonky looking because my phone is a piece of poo. But maybe you can tell from they way they look, or maybe its the fact that this was the first time that I was able to leave the baby since having him for a night and have some big girl drinks. {i'm thinking the second one.}

This was  If you like them and are thinking about seeing them
you won't regret it!


FourJedis said...

Good concerts are such a blast. Glad it was wonderful for you and your friends - I'm always scared the first time I go see a band I've never seen before - don't want them to let me down when they sing live.

Jennifer said...

I love Foster the People! So jealous!

Meagan Murtagh said...

haha love that you got a picture in front of the bus!
xo the egg out west.

★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said...

i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

newest follower! ♥
follow back ?

hugs, xo!

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