Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last week in photos

I know I know I'm a little late doing this but better late then never right?

Last Sunday I took off to the beach with my sister that lives in Cali.
You can read more about it here

Mondays are usually my lazy days... take care of my house
that has been left behind from the weekend. Do some laundry, you know 
all that fun stuff!
{there's that shirt again!}

Bradley had his award program at his school for the first
9 weeks

He got the reading award for his class! {Proud momma!}

I met up with my mom and aunt for some Subway 
and play time for G-Man at the park.

also had someone to take WIWW pic's. yey me!
It also caught me a little off guard when Brad wanted me to 
push them around the grocery store in the big buggy
Holy-moly I have 2 kids! haha

I'm not real sure what happened to this day. But I hold this cutie everyday
at nap time.

My husband went out of town for a few days so I filled in for him at work 
and went back to doing drywall and a little bit of framing
for the day. That was the first time I put on my working shoes and 
really worked in over a year! 
{and YES I look like poo at work!!!}

And the long awaited movie Breaking Dawn came out!!!!! The theater I went to
had a wedding reception in the street with wedding cake and all to celebrate

{I really wish that Jacob look-a-like didn't turn out blurry}
By the way...LOVED the movie!

Well since I worked Friday and my husband was out of town and couldn't tell me "No", I went to Target and spent my paycheck on some fun 
items to spruce up my pathetic closet.

I really should have taken more pic's on Saturday. All in all it was 
a great week. 

I'm looking forward to a lot going on this week with filling in for my hub's
again tomorrow and Thanksgiving Thursday. 
I hope you come back next week!!


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