Friday, January 20, 2012

This weeks rundown

I hope everyone has had a great work week, me? Its been kinda lazy. I haven't done my normal going out to lunch with my sister thing because Bradley had off of school Monday-Wednesday then had to go back yesterday. So we stayed at home trying to save money. 

Here is a list of some things that made me happy this week and some cell phone pics. {no iphone here so no instagram, just unedited cell phone pics!

Today I got two very cute packages in the mail from Much Love, Illy and Whimsy Lane

both of these girls are amazing for the same reason. They both threw a little something extra on my order for different reasons. I would have been happy regardless! But either way free extra pretties make me happy.

I went to the local drug store to find a gift for my gift exchange buddy and ended up adding to my ever growing supply of hair care products.

I have always known this but I have a super cute baby that likes to climb on chair on the porch.

just a few more things, I started a new giveaway HERE and picked a new winner for last giveaway. 
and I found out a few of my favorite bloggers will be at Creative Estates. You can read more about it here....and that my friends is how my week has been. 

I'm off! Happy weekend!

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Kim Croisant said...

Hi there! Linking up with your Winter Link Up. New follower here!!

Great idea and I did put it on my blog. Going now to follow the others.


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