Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh happy day... and a sorta W.I.W.

I just want to tell you guys how sweet today has been.

First it was announced that Ashley from The Shine Project was going to be at Creative Estates. Why is that exciting? Because I have had my tickets since I started my blog and she is just so inspiring.... I can't wait to see what she had to teach me and all the other girls. Not to mention that Vintage 
Wanna Bee and Little Miss Momma will be there to!

Then... after I left the park I was driving down the road and I hear the radio announce they want the 10th caller for concert tickets. Well since I am driving with my two boys and my niece in the car I decide I don't need to be playing radio games while driving 55mph. {we play radio games a lot in my family...OK my Dad does!} Weellllll... MY DAD WINS!!!! Why is that awesome you ask? Well I'm getting to that! I call me dad and say "Dad, I will pay you for those tickets" and he laughs because I just heard him on the radio. {not surprising for me I hear him win all the time} he says "I'm glad you said something cause I was just going to give them away" Then I'm like "UUUHHH you better NOT give them away! Jason and I reaaaaaaalllly want to go" then he's like "OK then they are yours!" Then I go "sweeeet!". So that means Jason and I get a date night to Orlando in March to see my men Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert!!

So my favorite part of they day was when I was doing my hourly check in on Facebook and Creative Estates posted that Much Love, Illy will be going to the retreat to. I stalk a hand full of blogs and number one on my list is hers. I'm not ashamed to say I stalk her blog! I love her out fit posts! She's just too cute I love how simple her blog and posts are. Simple is what I like.

So that is it my friends is how great my day was. Hope your having a fabulous day to!

Here is my park attire for the day

I'm going to make this list short and say the whole outfit came from 
American Eagle

sunglasses that I forgot were on my head are
 Costa Del Mar

pleated poppy


Amy Boatright said...

Sweet day, but you left out the part where you had breakfast with Ron & I!Lmbo!!!!You know you will need a babysitter;-p

Fallon said...

This is my jealous face!!! :0!!!! I was just telling my hubby that I want to see Eric Church so bad! I decided that him, jason aldean, and craig morgan would make a really fun concert. I looove him. :)

Melaina25 said...

I'm constantly forgetting I have sunglasses on my head!

I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!


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