Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I will admit it! I have a problem. A problem that my hubby thinks is crazy. I am obsessed with Vampires. 
As you may know Breaking Dawn comes out in 2 days!!!! ahhhh. I cant begin to tell you how excited it am. Call me a 12 year old girl suck in a 27 year old's body but I can't freggin wait.

MMMmmm Seriously? Those eyes!! 

This obsession started when my man and I, may or may not have been fighting. I was being super cranky and he just was trying to be nice all day. Well he said to me "We should go see a movie" I said "Like what?" and he then told me "There is a vampire movie that looks like it should be good" then I think I pitched a little fit and told him "UGH vampires... really, that sounds pretty stupid" 

As you can tell we went to that movie and that movie was "Twilight" I walked out of that theater dumb founded. I was in love... with Robert Pattinson. I told my mom about it the next day. She told me about how it was based on a book and there was going to be more of these movies. Well coming from a girl who does not read I was pretty surprised. I went to the book store and bought "New Moon". I freaked a little bit when I saw how big the book was and then finished it in 5 days. My sweet mother-in-law bought me "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" for Christmas that year. I took a trip to Georgia Christmas day to do a hunting trip with my man and his mom. Needless to say I sat in a tree stand freezing my booty off reading... and reading some more. If a deer walked by I wouldn't have known it. I finished the two last books by the time I got home. 

Anyway the first step is admitting you have a problem right???? Then there you have it. I admit it.

Enjoy a little eye candy this morning!!!


Jennifer said...

I love him too! I can not wait to see the movie! Every time I see the commercials I get so excited!

graysmom said...

I am so looking forward to Friday!!

Lesley said...

haha I'm not even really that into the movies..haven't seen the last one but since my friend went in to labor yesterday I got her ticket for the midnight I guess I'll be there!

carrie said...

I love this guy! And the Twilight movies!

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