Wednesday, November 16, 2011

December Sponsors

Calling any bloggers who would like to do a sponsor swap! With December right around 
the corner I just started thinking about doing a little more swapping. Id love to keep all of my current sponsors if you would still like to hang out on my side bar . I like for my sponsors to do a little guest post on anything 
that they would like at some point in the month. Shoot me an email and we can chat about it! 

Also all sponsors that I have right now I would like to get all my buttons the same size. Please send me an email some time soon if you still want to hang out with. I need a button that is 200x200.

Can't wait to meet anyone who is interested!


Lesley said...

the one on my page should be good now :)

Taryn {Edge} said...

Count me in again! I have a 200x200 in the sponsor section of Edge for you to grab.

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