Thursday, November 17, 2011

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I love love love this time of year! Sometimes living here in Florida without having pretty colored leaves or even cool temps., I forget that it is fall until
Thanksgiving comes around .  My husbands grandparents are from Live Oak Florida, (2 hours north) so we go to visit all his family there each year. There is no getten' all dressed up for this occasion. Boots and jeans are the way to go. Talk about some down home cookin'! If anyone knows about
the food in the south it's the fine folks in Live Oak!

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This is what our menu usually consists of
-Fried Turkey
-Baked Turkey
-cranberry sauce in the shape of a can!
-green bean casserole
-sweet potato casserole
-squash casserole
-baked mac and cheese

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I could really go on with the casserole dishes... would you like me to? haha, OK. It's truly amazing. The dessert table will most likely be as big as the dinner table and we serve our self buffet style. I'm so thankful each year I get to spend with these people. They are the most kind, sweet and loving family you will ever meet.

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The house we usually go to is the house that "Papa" grew up in. {Its kinda looks like the pic above} It's an old farm house surrounded by pine tree farms and cow fields. We sit out side and eat under the pecan trees until our button pops off our jeans.

source via Pinterest

I really can not wait till next week to get to eat all this good food and spend the day with the
 people I am most thankful for.

A few things I am thankful for this year

-Being able to stay home with this baby
-My husband working so hard
-My kiddos being happy and healthy
-Having food in our refrigerator
-Good friends
-Great family

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Jennifer said...

I love can shaped cranberry sauce! Your holiday sounds perfect. Mine is to stressful. If we don't go to my grandparents for a couple hours my mom gets upset and if we don't go to my inlaws for a little while they'll get upset! Christmas is the same way.. Soon I'm going to have to put my foot down cause it's an hour drive between both places.

Sarah said...

Fried turkey?? I bet that's really good!

Amy Boatright said...

Can't wait for Live Oak either.Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Earl-Leigh said...

Fried turkey is the best! Your menu sounds incredible. :)

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