Monday, April 30, 2012

Working out and how I am doing it

Last week I got on a health kick. But this time I'm staying on it!

Cross Fit

I found a gym 10 minutes from my house that does Cross Fit. I wasn't sure what that was really but after youtube{ing} some videos I knew it was my kinda work out. No sissy classes, just full on boot camp style workouts. Tonight was my 2nd class and I'm lovin' it! The work outs are very basic. You do squats, sit ups, run, climb ropes, lift stuff... that sorta thing. But they are hard when you put them all together and don't stop. Everyone pushes each other to keep going and not to give up. Each of your work outs are timed, you may be done working out in 10 minutes or it may be a hour. It's up to you and how hard your willing to push your self.

After reading more about this Cross Fit stuff I noticed how a lot of the people doing it are also on the Paleo diet. I am not one to "diet" but this one makes so much sense. It's basically, You eat what a cave man would have been able to eat. So meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, ect. No processed foods like crackers, milk, cheese, rice or bread. And not to mention eat it all organic. I started this diet last week and it's really not that hard to do. I can't always buy organic but I am trying. 

I really excited to get though this first week of basic classes and sign up for the long term. 

I saw this girls picture on Pinterest to and thought I would share it with you.
a young woman's results after 6 weeks of cross fit and paleo

It says this is her before and after of 6 weeks of Cross Fit and the Paleo Diet. Amazing right? 


Debonair Bandit said...

Wow that is awesome girl! I'm so so proud of you! Consider me your cheerleader! I'm rooting for you! I've got 10-15 pounds to tackle! We can do this!!!

Alicia Seeley said...

Amazing!!! I am stating a couples biggest loser with my brothers and sisters!!! And Have been doing Zumba!!! Very fun!! Rooting for you!!!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! good luck with your health and fitness journey! i def wish i could do cross fit! but i have a pretty solid workout now. maybe someday! New Follower via email :-)

Anya said...

Good for her! What an acheivement!

Anya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm just starting cross fit. My 2nd day! And looking in the diet. Hope you've stuck with the challeng.

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