Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My days lately

Bradley is on spring break this week, so our days have looked a lot like this

and a little like this

or this, if you will

because now we have this

and that can lead to days filled with fun in the sun.

Happy Spring Break! 

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A new adventure in the hand made business is coming to you SOON!!!


Mary said...

Thats awsome Katie you got a boat we need to go out now any where is nice!!! but we always end up at the river!!

Heather M said...

Fun times! Where is this at??

Kim Brison said...

Looks like a blast!

J and A said...

Lucky ducks! Looks so fun!!

Amy Boatright said...

Yep ,its going to be a great summer in Fl..oh & the Bahamas:) Can't wait.Cute blog Katie.

Jennifer said...

I wish we could just get a little sun over here! We're having freak snow storms!!

Colleen said...

That looks so fun! I'd die for a boat!! :)

Katie said...

that is SO nice!!! Looks wonderful!!

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