Saturday, March 3, 2012


Keep It Real: (Real Real)

We all have things that we don't really talk about on our blogs, and that's OK. 
These pages are our place. 
Our place to share whatever we want.

And I love that about blogging. But I feel like you can't get to know the real person behind the screen unless they share some of the bad things, the weird things.

The things that make them awkward, different, silly, sad, happy, real.

So on those notes I have a few confessions.

Real Stuff...
-People take me as being stuck up. A bit of a snob. That's not the case at all. I'm just quiet. I have grown out of this a bit now that I'm older but it used to be pretty bad. Now I have passed this on to Brad and I don't want him to grow up being quit and shy.

- In school I had one good friend and a boyfriend that went to another school. I was a little bit of an outcast because I had short spiky hair, listened to punk rock music and dressed like a boy. My mom allowed me to get my ears pierced as many times as I wanted.... so I have 18 holes in my ears. 

- Choices I made when I was 16 has left me with a really shitty habit that I can't seem to kick.

- Being a mom can leave me in tears. I worry that something bad will happen to my kids or me. A horrific car accident, cancer. Something that will take them from me or me from them. 

Little Things...
- I am worried that when I get to Creative Estates people won't like me.

- I spend so much time on my phone when I should be playing with Gauge. I CAN'T SEEM TO PUT IT DOWN! 

- My family is on food stamps.

- I won't make my bed. It looks more inviting unmade. ;)

- I wasn't allowed to drive a car till I was 18 because I dropped out of school. But I did anyway and got pulled over when I was 17. Scared the crap out of me! The cop let me go but I never drove with out a license again!

Funny stuff...
- Did you read the part where I had colored spiky hair in school! HAHAHA that makes me laugh so hard! 

-My sister is married to my husbands dad. So that makes my husband my step nephew?! lol

- I wish I had a romantic story to tell you about my hubs and I but our first date was on a boat, in a river that involved fishing poles and his cousin.

- Thanks to certain blog friends I dream about Shamrock Shakes from Micky D's. 

- I can't tell a joke at all. I mess them up every freakin' time!

I hope a few of these little things helps you get to know me a little better. 

and I would love for you to share one random thing about you with me in the comment section. 


AbsoluteMommy said...

I too had short hair and wore men's Dickies in highschool. I also wore thrift store clothes.
We would have probably been friends!

Fallon said...

I love this post. I know, no one wants to hear about the "real" stuff on blogs, it should all be fun and light and fluff. But it is so refreshing to know that people are real, and relatable! :)

Fallon said...

Oh and a random. I met my husband 10 years ago, as a freshman in high school. He slept with two of my best friends. One of them stays with us when she comes to town, the other, we will be going to her wedding in July. We live in a dang small town!

Alicia Seeley said...

You are a brave woman!!! But alot of the things you said, can totally apply to me!! Because I am so shy,and quiet, they think I am to good, or stuck up, I had only one best friend, and still only my best friend to this day!!!, No spiky hair, just some sweet baggy gangster pants, and boy shirts. How sad!!! And I am the computer more than I should, and should be playing with my boys!!! And I was in WIC with all 3 og my kids. Thanks for tell your dirty little secrets!! I appluad you!!! :)

Emily Hope said...

I am sure my mom was mortifies the day I came home with blue hair, a nose ring, a i love nerds shirt, and old man dress pants - and blasted NOFX. I still listen to NOFX but lost the nose ring and blue hair.

Elisha(: said...

wow your so brave!! (: these were so inteeresting!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about creative estates.. people already like you :-)

Also, my sister married my husband's brother. They have a son but are no longer married. Ay yi yi

Ashley said...

I love hearing things like this! So, I guess that makes your sister your step mother in law? That's funny and fun!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

The fact that your sister is your stepmom makes me love you even more!
I love that!
And I'm so happy you posted this... we need more honest posts like this!

Amy Boatright said...

My sis is the coolest chick ever & this is a cool move for her & a big deal to go to Creative Estates! If one person can't see her power as a amazing person than they aren't the person they ACT like on these great network of blogs! I'm Soo proud of her honest blogs! She is the real deal & the bravest ,most amazing person I know! I'm excited for her trip & really feel like I'm living thru her on this journey:)Yes I am step mom & really she's my baby Katie bug sis& best friend:)

the Momma Bird said...

ha ha ha ha ha this cracked me up. love it :)

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