Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday night photography

by .elsie*cake.

Last Friday I posted about how I started my first photography class. I also posted about how the teacher and a few others laughed when I said I have a Nikon. Well class last night went a whole lot better. 

I guess the teacher has still has it out for me and has decided he is going to pick on me for the next 8 classes even though there are 4 other girls with Nikon cameras. I guess he thinks he is being funny, but I decided I will just roll with it. 

Picture this-
Whole class sits down. {about 30 of us}
Teacher says "Did everyone do their homework?" {take pictures of lines}
We all say "Yeah" and shake our heads up and down.
He says "Where is the Nikon girl?!}
I say "I'm here and raise my hand but last time I checked there are 4 other girls that have Nikons"
He laughs and says "Lets start with YOUR homework"
Me "uhhhh no... lets start in the front corner!"
So he does.

I sat in the middle of the class because I don't like to be singled out. I like to blend in with my surroundings. But I guess it is to late for that in this class.

After we pass around every one's pictures of "lines" he tells me "I want YOU to pick this weeks homework" Except for some reason while talking to me my face got all hot {and probably bright red} and my hearing went all fuzzy so I didn't really understand what he told me. So I laugh a little bit to try to make myself fell better and say "I cant hear real good way back here". {The man is OLD and actually I can't hear good so it's not entirely wrong}
So he repeats his self and tells me about me being in charge of assigning the class homework for the week. 

uuhhhhh.... okay?! he IS serious!

Somewhere along the lines of learning about framing a person with trees and a rule of thirds he said that it is rare for people to turn the camera sideways and shoot vertical. I shoot up and down all the time but my husband is bad at ever turning the camera. {hints No outfit posts cause the shots 
all look bad}. So that is when I decide that this weeks assignment will be to take shots vertical. 

With that being said he didn't make me narrow it down to anything else so that basically leave it open for whatever we want. So that should be easy.

I also wish I could tell you about all the fun plans for the up coming weekend since it all ready Friday but I can't. Looks like another weekend around the house trying to clean.... what a waste of time!

Happy Weekend!


Amy Boatright said...

This class is good for bring your wonderful confident self out! You are going to have a great weekend cause I'm calling you to plan it now! Hubby is gone all weekend woohooo,girl time;-)

Laura Hernandez said...

I hope our talk about "lines" helped. I'd love to see your work. :)

Stephine said...

I'm glad your second class went a little better. It just gives you a chance to show people up and prove that YOUR Nikon is better :p I hope your needs class is better!

Little Tree Vintage said...

nothing is worse than a teacher putting you on the spot!i hate that!

rach. said...

i would love to start taking photography classes, this has kind of inspired me!

love, rach.

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