Sunday, February 5, 2012

For your listing pleasure.

I hate to say it but some times I can get in a real crappy mood and it's usually out of nowhere. Their are a few things that always can turn things around for me. One is something sweet... like a McFlurry from McDonald's. But if I don't want to leave the house or get as big as the house I turn music. I thought I would share a few songs that I have either loved for a very long time or maybe just started enjoying recently via YouTube with you guys.

First I'll start with Jack Johnson he always has a happy tune and the soundtrack to the movie
 Curious George is the best! Actually the movie is really great to.

I looooove Bob Marley! His songs will never get old to me and this is one of my favorite. How can you not get in a good mood when your Jammin' to him?!

And to completely change the mood of things but still makes me super happy....

{maybe it just makes me want to party...}

Did I forget to mention that my taste in music is so sporadic?? One minute it's country the next is something totally off the wall. Anyway I saved the best for last. I have been obsessed with Foster The People since I went to their concerts with 2 really great friends of mine and had! These guys right now are all the plays on my Ipod or Pandora.
So here is one of their songs that make me jam out every time.

I'd love to know if you love or hate any of these songs  I guess it's back to Monday tomorrow so I hope you enjoyed your weekend and you Super Bowl Party if your into that kinda thing!

Love ya!


Mamasita said...

Jack Johnson ROCKS!!!! :) We listen to the Curious George soundtrack all. the. time. at our house :)
Great song choices!!!
New follower :)
Happy Sunday night,

Katie said...

I love jack johnson! I teach third grade and made a video at the end of the year with pictures/videos of the kids and I've used that song for the last three years. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Jennifer said...

I love them all!

Elisha(: said...

I loveeeeee McFlurry's<3

Amy Boatright said...

Great songs ,I have to watch Curious George.

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