Friday, December 2, 2011

Time to take a trip!

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Well, I guess right now taking a trip is not in the budget. Most of our Fridays in summers are spent packing and gearing up to go some where till Sunday afternoon.
 I guess I am pretty lucky to say between my family and my husbands, we have a vacay spot all over the state of Florida and beyond. I have actually been a little lazy on the trips since I have had Gauge. You moms out there know taking a baby on a trip in the car that takes a few hours is really not fun. Plus our vacations are really more or less fishing trips.
 Having Gauge on a boat is a little much for me. I will take him on a boat, but he hates his life-jacket so I end up fighting him the whole time.  Not really the way I want to spend a day at sea or on a lake.

Anyway, what I am getting at is I am going to take a virtual vacation. That way I can go where I want, do anything, eat anything and bring the whole family without it costing an arm and a leg.

Bye Bye Ocala Florida!

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....That me! Steppin' off the plane lookin all pretty.

Hello Lake Tahoe!!

I have decided that I would like to spend some time in the snow! I have no clue if there is snow there right now but I would imagine that there is. I want to sit by a fire, go snowboarding and wear cute snow outfits!

So this is where I will be staying...

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I am ready to sit by our fire place and have some hot coco!

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This is what I woke up to this morning... perfection.

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Here is me hittin' tha' slopes


You didn't know I was such a good snowboarder did you? Oh... and its not
 that cold out!

Here is me after the slopes.

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                 Just hangging in that cozy cabin enjoying my cute winter clothes.

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I love that the owner of the cabin we rented even put up some Christmas lights. 

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Well guys It has been a great trip but its time to head home. I am really going to miss this place. I will be sure to come back to Lake Tahoe soon.

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Are you ready for a trip? Or maby you just took a trip or you just want to revisit one you had a while back. Leave me you'r link so I can vacay with you. 

-Please only link up trip related post's 
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...cant wait to see ya!


Stephanie said...

What a cute idea! Let's have a vacation trade for a bit- but I just need to go a little further south to my hometown of Sebring. Sound good? Head on up to Kentucky! ;) .. I love having seasons, but when it gets cold I'm ready to run!


Amy Boatright said...

Love this trip & cute idea.Only things missing was a buggy ride & cute shopping in x-mas up town:)

Amy Boatright said...

Love this trip & cute idea.Only things missing was a buggy ride & cute shopping in x-mas up town:)

Catherine said...

What a fun trip and a great use of Pinterest! I'm linking up with a road trip our family did 1 year ago if that's OK :-)

Mary said...

Vey Cute Katie.I think im going to do one of these thats a nice getway!!

Mary said...

How do you get the pics from pinterest?I wanna try!!

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