Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enjoying the Holidays

I think what I really want to call this post is...

Surviving the holidays 101

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If you're family is kinda like mine then these tips may be a little useful. Today I link up with Gussy. She asked us to share some tips on "enjoying" the holidays. O.k. well really I don't need to "survive" the holidays... but sometimes it can be a little hectic having kids. If you have them... and your married, then there are really two families involved... actually 3 including your own little family {You, Hubs, Kids}. 

People want you here at this time and there at another. It can be really stressful. I have got to say.... I married my sisters... husbands... son.... {weird yeah?....o.k. just a little} So our family has kinda got it together. We all know whose house is more important for certain things.

 Since I'm the baby of the family, and for a while the only one with kids my parents kinda flocked to my house for Christmas morning. And I love it! I feel like we are starting a whole new tradition. Its so much fun to make my mom's "Christmas Eggs" and all crowd together in my tiny living room and open presents. Just talking about this makes me happy!

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So here are my 5 tips for making you holidays a whole lot sweeter.

-Remember what Christmas is really about. Do not get stressed about money. People will love you even if you didn't buy them some fabulous gift or not {and if they don't...well....sorry but screw them!}

-If you don't want to be at a relatives house when they want you there because you have your own thing going on at that time.. do not cancel your plans to make them happy. It will only leave you unhappy.

-Enjoy the faces on the kids when they open the present they have been wanting!

-Take lots of pictures!

-Wear something festive. Its the perfect day to put your shiny make-up on and even that sparkly shirt you have.

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Hope some of these things prove useful to you.

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Anonymous said...

Great tips! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your blog is adorable!! Now following! :)

Ashley said...

I love the holidays but I have to admit they leave me a bit overwhelmed. My hubby and I both have divorced parents who are remarried which equals four sets of parents and so many places to be.

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

great tips!!! all of my family comes over to my house for Christmas, i love it!! :) love this time of year!!

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Thank you for sharing this great tips!

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