Thursday, December 8, 2011

I was born to do this

Some people are born to travel the world

to work 9-5

to live in big cities

to drive fast cars

live the "fast life"


I was born to be a Momma

to these precious boys

I love them with all my heart

would do anything under the moon and starts for them

I could not ask God for anything better



Kendra said...

Aw, I love this! I feel the same way! Every day I start my morning with the smile of my baby girl and think it doesn't get any better than this! Your boys are darling!

Amy Boatright said...

And you are such a good momma!

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

Being a Mom is amazing...there is nothing like it in the world! I love the look of your blog. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on mine. Oh, and I have the same "circus" shirt you are wearing in your pic~! I'm a new follower...have a wonderful day!
~Lisa @

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