Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm blank because

I'm weird because 
-I get real nervous if I don't have my kids
-I still suck my fingers....I'm 27
-I don't mind getting dirty
-I would like my job in construction back
-I like boys that are in dirty Levi's and work boots and drive BIG trucks
-I like hunting... I've killed one deer

I'm a bad friend because
-I'm not always truthful
-sometimes I don't answer the phone

I'm a good friend because
-I will always listen to your problems
-I will help beat someone up if I needed to
-I'll bail you out of jail.... if I'm not in there with you
-I will tell you what I honestly think if you ask
-I answer emails within minutes

I'm sad because
-money is a little tight... and I'm not working
-I want to work out and get in shape and sometimes I'm to darn lazy
-I love my kids so much and want them to be little forever
-I need more mommy time
-I wish I had more time in a day
-I want it cold outside and I live in Florida
-Fall hardly exists here
-I wish me and my hubby spent more time together

I'm happy because
-Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
-I had a great day with great friends... more to come on that tonight
-The baby is napping so I get to blog!
-I have a wonderful family
-My great friend Mary started blogging!  Go here and say hi

I'm excited because
-I'm going to Creative Estates in March!!!!!! {hoping to meet some of my fav. bloggers and get good tips}
-Christmas is right around the corner
-I cleaned my room {yeah big deal here}
-Winter is coming and I bought leg warmers, tights, new boots!!!!

I really love this picture of my boy's!


Amy Boatright said...

All the reasons we love you & more. But you better answer my calls!:p

arabella said...

What she said!:) Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

Love it!!!
and ur boys a so stinkin cute!!!!

Lori said...

oh that picture of your boys is just adorable! and i've never been hunting before but i hear it's really relaxing and exciting at the same time

camille yanair said...

goodness your boys are cute! i love this questionaire! following back, love your blog :)

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