Monday, March 12, 2012

Now that I'm back from Creative Estates

This past weekend was so much fun! Spending 4 days in Arizona was truly amazing for this Florida girl. Meeting a few of my favorite bloggers was even sweeter!

I'm sad to see a few posts about what a joke the whole experience was. It breaks my heart that Shay spent so much time putting this event together as retreat instead of a conference so that it could be more personal. And because I have my own opinion and it may be strong at times I will share what my experience was like.

This trip for me was the first away time that I have had from my baby so I planned on living it up.
When I bough my tickets for a friend and I, I did not plan on sitting in a house for 4 days only crafting. As much as I love to make pretty things I can't imagine flying from Florida to Arizona to only see the inside of a house. I actually had going to the Grand Canyon in mind for one of the days and couldn't have been happier when a bunch of the other girls had the same plans. More on that trip later!

Hearing Ashley from the Shine Project speak was great. Making change jars was a blast. Learning to make a felt flower pin that Ashley from Little Miss Momma was really fun. Ilene showing me how to make a really cute friendship bracelet could not have been any better. ALL of these chicks were just as sweet if not even sweeter in person.

The meals a Creative Estates were very plain and made to please everyone. How do you please 35 or so girls? Well I guess you don't.
I never would leave food out of my budget when planning a trip. I am not a picky eater at all but if I am in the mood for going out to eat I would like to do so. 
 Breakfast time was very simple. Bagels and cereal. I eat bagels every day at home so that made me happy. I would not have imagined Shay waking up every morning and cooking eggs and bacon for that many people. It just would not have made sense. The "Vintage Lunch" was based around the theme. Tiny sandwiches and chips. My favorite? No, but did it go with the theme for the meal? Yes. 
What I am getting at is that it is out of this world crazy to think that you would be getting the finest food available at the market with the small price of 250.00$ that would include your lodging.

Now on the topic of lodging. The house was AMAZING! It was huuuuuge! Perfect for the amount of girls that would be staying there. Was there enough beds? No. But could one house have 40 beds? That would be nuts! I thought about that when buying my ticket. I knew that some of us would be on a floor or couch. Me? I slept on about 6 comforters and was totally fine with it. When a car load of girls left without says any type of good bye to anyone I slept on one of their bunk beds. I actually think my pallet on the floor was cozier!.

As for the drinking. I am of age. I am 27 years old and have every right to enjoy a beer or a glass of champagne. I am also entitled to drink 5 of each if I want to. Now did I do that? No. Did I drink hellz ya! I am kid-free and having a good time! I think that it is rude to think that because of that, one can be called an "alcoholic" to their face. Shay did not spend a lot of money on booze. So many people including myself brought their own alcohol. Shay provided champagne for the planned "Cupcakes & Cocktails" party. If you had read the schedule and had seen that the first nights party had the word "cocktail" in it you would know that there would be alcohol involved.

I also think that a lot of people went back on what they said they would do for the event planner in the way of helping out. If it wasn't for my friend and I helping her make sure that some items made it back to Phoenix she would have had to drive all the way back and get them.
I'm not getting into complete detail about every little thing that went on like the others did but I think that with what was given the experience was totally worth it. Would I go again? Uh Duh. It was totally worth the whole 250.00$.
Sorry that every one else didn't feel that way.

Check back tomorrow for all the fun stuff that went on. I just felt like this post needed to be said today. 

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