Friday, January 6, 2012

A visit to a new place

Before Christmas I started a series about home town pride. I have another sweet blogger named Jennifer  that 
would like to share about the place she calls home. So here she is!

Hi! I'm Jennifer! I'm a wife and mother to a pretty crazy little 3 year old, Lyla and hopefully another in 9 months! I live in a small farming town, Molalla, OR, population 7,935. We have a big housing development and a few neighborhood that are pretty big but on the outskirts of town we have quite a few pretty big farms. And even a famous one, I'll talk about that later.

This is our only fast food place! It can get pretty busy because of that!
This is a view that you can see from different places in town, Mt. Hood.
This is our only doctors office/urgent care. I go to the next town about 25 minutes away to see my dr.
Downtown.. There's a couple neat stores down there. I still haven't been to very many and I've lived here for a year! Maybe in the spring when it's nice I'll check it all out.
FatHeads Pit Smoke BBQ. Soooo good!! Best BBQ around.
One of our very favorite parks and it's right next to the library that we go to story time at.
This is my husbands most favorite store in town. They buy and sell guns. We've bought 2 pretty nice ones from them. And I will be taking a safety and concealed weapons permit class there soon.
I'm bummed that I couldn't find a link to this place but it's famous for their cows/beef and of course their son Ross Coleman. If you know about rodeo you've probably heard of him. 
This is a huge thing in the summer, The Molalla Buckeroo. Also made famous by Ross Coleman. I haven't gone yet but I'm hoping to this year.
And of course since we are in Oregon, one of the biggest producers for lumber, Christmas trees, etc. We have 2 lumber mills.
I'm sure there is so much more here in my busy little town that I don't even know about but I hope to discover! I hope you enjoyed getting to see a little of my town. Come check out my blog sometime! And thanks Katie!

*is you are interested in joining the fun and posting about your city give me a shout!!*


Stephine said...

Wow, it is gorgeous. It looks so 'olden days' compared to now!

Mom of 12 said...

So fun to learn about your hometown! I grew up in a small town I get where you are coming from.

Amy Boatright said...

It was so great to see your town ,Thanks for the tour.

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