Sunday, January 29, 2012


 I have been surely but slowly decorating my house for 4 years and I feel like just recently I know where I want it to go. I have recently become obsessed with the color teal. I would like to incorporate it into my house. The problem is and always has been, is finding the money to do it. My house is fairly small so it wouldn't take much but I'm still finding it hard to get done. 

My walls are yellow and that isn't going to work with the look I want to achieve so that will be the first to go. I would love your help with picking wall color because every time {no joke} I paint a room I hate the color. I would love light colored slip covers for my very brown couches and some beautiful pops of teal and maybe some coral thrown in there to. I love a light and happy feel when you walk in to a house and I do live in Florida so I want it to feel that way.

Here are some pictures from Pinterest of what I am liking.... how I will put it together is beyond me!

I am in love with this colored door. I would never think to pain doors anything other then white. 
Pinned Image

This is seriously like my dining room, at least the set up and size. I can honestly say I have never put curtains up but I really like the look of this. I don't like the lack of color but if I added a brighter curtain and put some pretty wall art up it would be awesome! Oh, and my husband would die if I told him I wanted antlers on the dinner table just for looks. {All his dead animals go in the hallway that goes up the stairs... not in my living room!} But I love how those look just sitting there.
Pinned Image

This next one looks like a disaster to put my crazy ass baby in right now... but when he is bigger and not into everything so bad I would copy this whole look if I could.
Pinned Image

This one may be a little to islandy but the colors are auh may zing. Things I do not like in this picture is all the wicker and the trees.
Pinned Image

I really like the chicness of this hutch.
i have wanted an aqua hutch forever!

So you get it right? Now I just need the money to buy all new stuff and redecorate everything!!!


The Painters Patch said...

Love that color too! Try chocolate brown, cappuccino and warm grays with it :)

Jennifer said...

I love it all! I really really wish I could redecorate our house.

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