Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Every day I sit back and listen to my husband talk about hunting and/or fishing. Any one that knows him would tell you the same thing. {sorry veggie eaters} He never stops! I know that sounds kinda mean but he talks about it non stop! 

It may drive me a little crazy to hear about this new gun he wants or that he wants to be able to spend Sunday in the woods and how he is getting there and who is going with him and what he plans on doing once he is there and what kind of animal is going down. {get my drift!?} But I love that he is so passionate about something.

My kids have always been what makes me happy but since opening my shop and starting this blog I feel like there is a place that I can be me! Don't get me wrong I am "me" every where but I get to be creative, say what I feel, share things that I love and make pretty things. {even if sales are slim}.

I think about blogging all day! Crazy yes, but I look at things and think "I should blog about this!" haha. I know a lot of us here in the blogging world are like that to. I want to share my life and all things that are in it!

So for now I couldn't be more happy that I have found something I am passionate about and I to, can now bug my husband with all things that will surely drive him crazy. ;)

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Amber said...

lol I think we all feel this way. I go crazy when my husband talks science stuff to me and I really have no clue what he's talking about!

I drive him crazy with the blog language I have learned, like blogosphere haha.

Cute post!

Amy Boatright said...


Elisha(: said...

i love that picture(:

Jennifer said...

My husband is the same way.. hunting, fishing and racing. I swear every day he comes home from work, we eat dinner and he's on the computer researching something we need to get the race car finished! But hey, I guess it could be worse!

Beth Ann said...

My hubby is a deer hunter. He LOVES it! I've never really had a hobby I love...but I, too, think blogging is mine!

Erin said...

I'm so glad you found a passion that you love so much! :) It's pretty wonderful!

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