Monday, January 23, 2012

A Guest Post : The Ellie Life

Happy Day loves! 
I'm Ellie and I blog over at The Ellie Life
Blogging about love, heartache, & all the messy stuff in between. 
I am so excited to be guest posting here at Party of Four
I mean just look around...this place is AMAZING. 

So now the big question. Why I blog? 

I'm a small town girl with big town dreams. 

& one day I am going to change the world. 
Okay so it's a long shot...
Did I mention I'm 15? 
(young? Yes. Impossible? Heck no) 

How do you plan to change the world? 
Simple. Very carefully. {kidding}
I plan to change the world with love.
 The Ellie Life is all about love. Because yours truly has enough to pass around. 
We are all good enough. & I will stop at nothing to prove it. 
Come one. Come all. 
I share my story in the efforts to connect to someone in this pretty little world and ultimately....make a change. 

My advice column opened in November and has since answered 2,500 questions. Eeek! That number even scares me sweet people. 

Often people ask me why I take the time to deal with other people's problems. 
I felt the need to go ahead a share exactly why I think everyone deserves someone to lean on. 
Stranger or not. 

I know what if feels like to have scars. 
& I know what it feels like to embrace pain. 
My daddy died of a heart attack. 
Since that dark December morning I have been fighting back
In the name of the love he gave me, the dreams he had, and the places he always told me I would go I plan to teach others how to heal. & through this lovely advice column I am doing just that. 

The Ellie Life isn't all heartache though. My goodness can we laugh over at our house. 
Making light out of even the darkest day. 
This here is the most adorable baby sis in the world. & my does she bring a smile to the darkest day. 
I've got a big mouth and a soft heart. 
I love pink. & all things Taylor Swift. 
When I started this blog 13 short weeks ago....I set out on a journey to discover myself. 
The girl I found....she's far more capable then I ever could have imagined. 

& she....well she has big dreams. 

Chase them with her. 

Heartache. Advice. Faith. Love. Laughs. & everything in between. 
Around here we like to mix things up. 
Drop in...stay a while. 
& embrace my story.

What's yours? 


*comments are turned OFF so you can go visit Ellie*

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