Tuesday, January 3, 2012

all natural beauty products...say wha?!

So I am a sucker for beauty, I am a drug store junkie. Any opportunity I get to buy my self something that will make me even feel remotely fabulous I am all over it! 

Needless to say when my mom started her own hand made business called Arabella's Beauty From Nature making goat milk lotions, clay face masks, bath salts and every other girl product I was so excited! Not because I think that she will give it to me for free because I know my mom better then that but because she's making it good for you! 
Making it using the best ingredients that mother nature her self has to offer. No harmful anything in any of her products. 

Here is a list of what I use
-Age deny daily replenisher  {the size she sells will last you at least a year!!}
-Age deny marigold eye cream {this will last you forever to!}
-Red dragon facial mask {I use this 3 times a week}

And she makes stuff for men and kiddos to! EVERY night {and I am not exaggerating} I need to spray THIS on Bradley's pillow to keep bad dreams and the monsters away.

And I put THIS in Gauges bath tub to.

I want you guys to take a moment and check out her shop. Look around a bit, buy one thing.... That's all it takes to fall in love with the best of the best home/hand made beauty products.  Cerrisse from The Posh Daisy won some items and you can read her rave HERE and even see her with face mask on!! {love ya girl!}

If you are local or near Ocala Florida you can find Arabellas Beauty from Nature at our farmers market every Saturday on the square.

"LIKE" her on Facebook HERE and tell her I sent you and then you can keep up with all the fun new things she makes and deals.
{All first time buyers save 10%!!}

Dont forget to enter THIS giveaway for a free print of your choice!!

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