Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am...

I am the girl who...

Only has a few friends

Thinks music is medicine

Loves ice cold cheep beer in a can

Wants an old Jeep to cruise topless! {hehhee}

Would rather wear socks to keep my feet clean then sweep my floors

That will never cut Baby Gauge's hair

Talks like a sailor

Doesn't like to fight but is not scared to bleed

Best blue jeans have holes in them

Had a baby to young  and not married

Is a little rough around the edges

Doesn't regret a thing she has ever done

Speaks before thinking

Hates to cuddle

Paints her toes cause she bites her nails

Obsessed with her kids and hates to leave them even for a hour

Likes to slide across the floor in her socks

Would rather go to bed early and get up early then stay up late and sleep all day

Has done more stupid things then she'd like to count

Has tattoos

Changes her hair color too often

Is happy


Jennifer said...

I like posts like this. I get to learn more about my bloggy friends.

RealtorChristine said...

Katie this is awesome. You are doing such a great job! Makes me want to start a blog!

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

aww! i like this post!! i want an old jeep too! i had a 2001 wrangler, but had to sell it when i had kiddos. :)

Mary said...

Love this its super cute!!!

Catherine said...

Love your honesty and such a cool way to learn a little more about you.

Amy Boatright said...

You bite your toe nails? Wow the things I've learned about my lil sis! Lol

Jamie said...

Great post!

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