Friday, November 4, 2011

... a look back on how I got here. part 1.

I was one of those teenagers that thought they new everything. School and I didn't go well with each other. I never skipped and rarely got into trouble. I just had better things to do when I was there... like sleep. At this point in my life I lived with my mom and step dad in South Florida. I listed to punk rock music, rode on a skateboard and had short different colored hair. I didn't think I was cool. Nor did I want to be "cool". I had one really close friend and she had a few friends that I would hang out with. We would sit around the mall and do a whole lotta nothing every day. Just walk around every once and a while and get free samples from the food court. My life was not going any where. 

After a year of being a freshman in high school I failed all my classes. It wasn't surprising considering I didn't do a lick of work that whole year. After that summer I was put into 9th grade again... how embarrassing it was to sit with a bunch of kids that were all younger then me. 3 months after school started I had a substitute in science that got on to me about not doing any work. So I was sent to see the dean, who then called my step dad cause my mom was at work. One hour later I was no longer a student in high school.
I had no clue where I was going or what I was going to do. Did I tell anybody that? No. I thought I knew it all. I figured I would get a job, get a car, get my own house and be a grown up at 15 years old. That's right, I was 15! It was 2 weeks before I turned 16. 

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Yeah the idea of doing all that sounded great. I guess someone for got to tell me that when you dropped out of school, you cant have a drivers license till your 18.
Now what?

One month after I turned 16 I still didn't have anything on my to-do list done so I went to visit my dad and step mom across the state. I always thought the town they lived in was pretty lame to say the least. After a day or two of visiting they convinced me it would be best that I move in with them and get a G.E.D. So I went home, packed my bags and off to horse country I went.

Cant find the source. It came from Pinterest.

When I got to my dad's house he told me I could start going to work with him during the day working in construction doing drywall (yes! that's what I said!) and go to school at night. So that's what I did.
It took me a while but I did it. I got my Good Enough Diploma!
And a car and I moved into my first house with my brother all before I turned 18. Go Me! Little did I know that job doing drywall would last for 10 years. (just gave it up 2 months before Gauge was born)
Now I skipped a lot of what happened in a few years because it really wasn't important. What's important is that I finished my high school education. And I was really proud!!

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look for the baby years soon...

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Anonymous said...

wow katie i didnt know you quit school so young but atleast you got your good enough diploma!!hope i get my resulst back at the end of the month and it says i passed the math part! by the way its mary

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