Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY tree garland

I know most of you have probably decorated your Christmas trees 
all ready, but if you haven't here is a fun little craft 
to do to put on your tree.

My mom made us do this every year when I was a kid, I'm not even sure where she got the idea from but doesn't take long, 
it's cheep, and you can do it while you watch t.v.,
My kind of craft. 

Home made garland

Here is what you need 

-Needle and thread
-Fresh cranberries

Big list right?

Now that you have what you need,
take you thread and unroll about 5 feet, then put you needle on it.
Make a pattern how ever you want with the popcorn and cranberries. I used 4 cranberries and 2 popcorn. 

Fill up your 5 foot of thread and then drape it onto your tree.
Repeat till you have enough to drape allover the whole tree. I have a 5 foot tree this year and I needed to do about 4 of these strings.

{bad bad pic of me}

That's it! So easy right? Good thing about this is when Christmas is over you can hang it outside for the birds to eat.

Have fun crafty mommas and put those kids to work!


Lauren said...

What a great tutorial! I am a new follower. Saw you linked up at The Wiegands. Have a great Sunday.

Amy Boatright said...

So great & no not a bad pic. of you!

Katie Boatright said...

yeah amy its pretty crappy!

Elyssa said...

Cute! I like this. Live those big colored lights too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

Autumn said...

You've got to be kidding me...I'm doing this same post on Thursday! Ha! Great minds think alike!! I'm visiting from The Pickled Poppy!!

Veronica said...

aww I love this idea! Love your blog Im now following!

simply megan. said...

Ohhhh I love this!!! We always did this when I was a little girl. Awesome :)

mai said...

super cute! i remember making popcorn garlands when i was younger.

Nicole said...

oooo!! yes! hubs and i need to do this for our christmas tree this year. i am so pumped that it is our first christmas together! whoop whoop!


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