Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A day with my sista and a WIW

Cardigan-Target, Shirts-American Eagle, Flip-Flops-Reefs, Camera Bag-JoTotes, Necklace-Just.Lovely.Things

Today I got some much needed time with out kids to spend with my oldest sister Amy. It seems about once a week we go out to lunch but I always have at least one kid with me and as much as I love having my kiddos, it's super nice to be able to have "momma time".

So Amy and I decided we needed a trip to Target cause who doesn't need a trip to Target?!. How she still had a 50$ gift card from Christmas is beyond me! Jason gave me the go ahead to pick my self out a Valentines Day present for my self to so that made going shopping a lot happier. 

I'm pretty sure the fashion gods are probably smiling down on me today for the fact that I bought my first cardigan! I'm so proud of my self! You may be laughing at me but when it comes to my wardrobe its pretty boring. No "cute" sweaters just hoodies and a few light zip-up hoodies. I think everything I bought was teal too. Because this girl here is obsessed with that dang color.

We had a really nice Thai lunch and I was able to finish my homework for my photography class while we we walked around The Villages. {see photos shown and assignment HERE} The Villages is kinda like going to Disney for retired people. It's the weirdest place. I believe its the worlds largest retirement community and it takes up parts of 3 counties and its a 15 minute drive from my house. Each of the town squares has a theme so there is always some cool places to take pictures. Does anyone have grandparents that have a house there? Anyway besides the weather being all foggy all day and kinda cold out it was a very very nice day.

pleated poppy


Elisha(: said...

Sounds FUN!!(:

Stephine said...

I still don't own a cardigan, or anything fashion-y for that matter :p

Amy Boatright said...

Had a blast & you looked so pretty.Your homework came out great .Let's get Grandpa to babysit 1 a week! He had a lot of fun w/ Gauge.

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