Monday, December 19, 2011

What to wear....

What do you wear when you want it to be cold... and its only kinda cool out? 

Well I bought a few pairs of tights in different colors because I love how they look on other people. Now I think I need help styling them because I swear I can NOT dress myself!!!

Being in central Florida it doesn't stay cold out till January so I find myself wearing shorts still. I want to wear tights but honestly I don't own a dress unless it is a sun dress to go over a bathing suit and I definitely do not have heels!!!

So how do you style tights????

Like this???

I think It looks cool, but im scared to hear what other people think!

Not sure if Summer clothes mix with Winter clothes.

{sorry bout the weird face but I have a 7 year old taking my picture}

does it look better with my shorts rolled down? I'm not sure this outfit works at all but what the heck else do you wear with tights??!?!

I think I may need help!

Shirt- Old Navy
Shorts- American Eagle
Tights and Leg Warmers- Target
Boots- American Eagle

Momma Go Round

pleated poppy


Amy Boatright said...

You are always beutiful but try a jean skirt & get your other boots:) xo

Mary said...

I Agree with amy but I like the shorts maybe different boots. but I love thoese tights, super cute!!!as are you!! ;)

houseblendfamily said...

I am in north Florida, and have the same problem. I've been recycling my summer dresses by adding tights and a long-sleeved tee underneath. It works pretty well. I LOVE these yellow tights. Maybe this would work better with a short denim skirt? I like the colors together.

Good luck!

marissa said...

I think it's really fun. I'm a big fan of Summer clothes in winter I'd love you to add this to my What We Wore and Made Party over at

MacKensie said...

I think it's super cute. I love it. Very edgy! :)



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